Relationships, knowledge and Dugard helps our business grow

Thursday August 21 2014

Scottish subcontract machine shop Friction Components is a specialist engineering outfit machining commercial work for a variety of industries, including batch part machining and unique one-off test pieces.  

The company is small and only operates three machining centres and a CNC lathe.

When asked about their business prospects and plans Mark Devlin of Friction Components explains; “Our business is performing well at present; we have been growing organically over recent years by expanding both our customer portfolio and our service range.  We are a small business but believe heavily in supporting our own customers and working with them to achieve their goals and aspirations.  We, in turn, know that it is important for us to have the same support from our own suppliers.  Our principal machine tool supplier is East Sussex based Dugard, and we find that they are always quick to service our needs and provide solutions to any manufacturing issues we may encounter.

John Morning (Dugard Sales Manager for Scotland and the North of England) is a very knowledgeable engineer, who doesn’t only want to sell you a machine but is mustard keen to support it as well.  In our quest for continued growth as a business, it is imperative that we have this type of support from any supplier we engage with and, in that respect, Dugard are outstanding in that area.

We have 4 x Dugard machines in the shop and they’re uniformly all reliable, efficient and great value for money.  We use offline programming, meaning the machines are not often idle and reliably keep the work churning out.”