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Hanwha cobots - breaking down the barriers to automation

There’s never been a better time to invest in automation with the introduction of the new Hanwha collaborative robots at Dugard.  The HCR range of “cobots” proves safety is at a premium while installation costs are heavily reduced with units up to a third lower than regular industrial robots.

Innovative sensor technology for anti-collision protection

Safety is a tremendously important factor for cobots as they can be fully integrated with your human team.  With previous iterations of industrial robots, this has been impossible as they have required fencing and extensive guarding to prevent injury.  Hanwha cobots however have successfully addressed this issue with collision detection at 25~150NM, equipping the cobots with innovative sensors that enable them to work safely beside their human teammates.  They’re built with joint rotation limit, joint speed limit, TCP speed limit and virtual safety fence to control the speed they operate at, giving the user ultimate confidence in their stability and safety.

Cut investment and operating expenses

Automating the monotonous, repetitive details so your human team can concentrate on more challenging, and of course more interesting, tasks is so much more affordable with a cobot.  At up to a third cheaper than installing an industrial robot, the Hanwha cobots make creating a new, blended workforce attainable.

The HCR series is the perfect solution to a variety of challenges in many different industries:

  • HCR-3 is a small, lightweight cobot ideal for narrow spaces that are difficult for operators to reach.  Infinite rotation on the end joint makes it perfect for screw driving and assembly applications
  • HCR-5 the most popular model with a reach of 915mm (the equivalent of an average person’s arm).  It can help your team improve existing applications to increase productivity
  • HCR-12 with a large working radius it’s perfect for picking and placing heavy products, making it ideal for loading and unloading

Highly adaptable with intuitive programming

The Hanwha HCR series of cobots are extremely precise with 0.01mm positional accuracy, and can quite simply be used anywhere, with any machine.  The range starts small enough to fit into even the tightest production space and goes up to a heavy duty model that can really hold its own in industry.  They can be set up on the floor, or mounted to a wall or ceiling and they can be used in conjunction with any CNC machine tool, or even by themselves.

They are incredibly user friendly, programming can be as easy as hand guiding and progress can be monitored on an app.  That of course means any member of your team can use and work with the Hanwha cobots without a lengthy training period, automating your production couldn’t be simpler.

Hanwha cobots have a lot to offer your production processes, if you’d like any more information, just give us a call on 01273 732286 or email [email protected]

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