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Amazing cobot demonstration - so easy to help engineers automate

One of the things Paul from MTD did when he came to our showroom just before our open house in October was learn how to programme our range of Hanwha cobots, he was very impressed by how easy it was, take a look:

It’s a totally versatile system, the collaborative robot (cobot) arm can be mounted anywhere in your machine shop – wall, floor, ceiling, if you like – or it can go on a trolley for extra mobility.  This makes it extra easy to move around your workshop, from machine to machine, getting even more return on your investment and reducing downtime.  The cobots are fully compliant with all health and safety regulations and the simple programming interface means you can introduce them to your production and get them up and running, and making you money, in no time.

It took Paul, a cobot novice, literally 2 minutes to master cobot arm positioning in teach mode, which he demonstrates in the video.  The great thing about the Hanwha cobot is that you can “teach” in the position you want the cobot to end.  Paul demonstrates how simple it is to set and position the cobot in “direct teaching” mode, then you just press play, the cobot goes back to the home position and performs your task.  It’s intelligent and easy to use, giving great scope for loading a VMC or turning centre, or anything else, resulting in a huge benefit to your machine shop.

We’ve got a dedicated Hanwha collaborative robot display area at our showroom in Hove, or, as it’s so mobile, our robot specialist Sia can always put one in his van and bring it to you for a demonstration.  For any more information, or to ask Sia to come to your workshop for a demo, call 01273 732286 or email [email protected]

We are also official UK dealers for a number of high profile international tool manufacturers.


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