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EDEL range of 5 and 6 axis machining centres

Founded by Klaus Klements in 1984 in the Julich area of Germany, EDEL have developed their range to include an impressive selection of 5 and 6 axis machining centres.  Originally called Cytec Zylindertechnik and specialising in manufacturing locking cylinders, their product was targeted at the mould and die industry.  The Cytec range expanded to cater for other requirements in this industry, eventually leading to the design and manufacture of high speed spindles as well as multi axes heads and rotary tables. These spindles, heads and rotary tables are now supplied to many machine tool builders worldwide.


EDEL Cyport

The natural progression was then to develop a range of machines that incorporated their own Spindles, Heads and Rotary Tables, which became the EDEL Cyport range. The Cyport is a vertical travelling gantry machine available in both 3 and 5 axes versions. Capacity ranges from an X axis of 2,000mm up to 5,000mm, the Y axis from 1,500mm to 3,000mm. The Z axis is 1,000mm with an option of 1,200mm.  Spindle speeds of up to 24,000rpm are available.  The machine has an exceptionally sturdy structure with the gantry design incorporating a double-sided X axis drive.  A two axis milling head completes the construction and gives an enormous range for customer specific solutions, meaning just about anything is possible – if you’re looking at 5 axis and 5 side complete machining!  

EDEL Rotamill

Following the successful introduction of the EDEL Cyport range, the next machine in development was the Rotamill.  A 5/6 axis machine that incorporates not only a Cytec head but also a Cytec rotary table – allowing for turning operations to be performed.  Again it’s an incredibly stable machine, featuring a gantry design for maximum precision with high dynamics.  The Rotamill is a solid all-rounder, capable of processing difficult to machine materials, as well as complex milling jobs needing high surface quality and precision. Incorporating a turning option with high power milling heads it’s a truly heavy duty machine, the 6 axis version can machine high tech components with diameters up to 1800mm and up to 5 tonnes in weight.


EDEL Multimill 

The latest introduction to the EDEL range is the Multimill, 5 axis multi-functional milling machines with two table size options, 1000mm and 1600mm.  Like the other machines in the EDEL range, they incorporate Cytec heads, spindles and rotary tables allowing users to integrate turning operations.  They’re heavy duty machines with impressively compact footprints and large, easy to access, working area.  The Multimill 1000 has a maximum table load of 2000kg while the 1600 model can accommodate an impressive 4000kg.  Both machines have a turning option, an automatic pallet changer is standard on the 1600 model and an option on the Multmill 1000, and as with all EDEL machines, Heidenhain and Siemens are the control options.


Use in industry

EDEL machines embody the quality and precision expected from German manufacturing.  With flexibility and capacity a priority as well as the ability to lower your cost of production, EDEL machine tools are ideally suited to many industries including aerospace, mouldmaking, automotive and general engineering.  If you need any information on EDEL’s high quality milling and turning machinery, email us at sales@dugard.com or give us a call on 01273 732286.

We are also official UK dealers for a number of high profile international tool manufacturers.


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